What if My Retainer Doesn’t Fit


What if my retainer doesn’t fit? We know some of you are asking yourself this very question. The answer is simple. Consistent wear of retainers is necessary to maintain proper fit.

Retainers fit your teeth, bite, and mouth. You cannot share them with others for this reason. Additionally, you cannot wear your retainers properly if your teeth have shifted or the retainers break.

Not to worry. If this happens (which it does happen), there are several options. We recommend first, calling us. If we can chat over the phone about why it’s not fitting, that is going to help us guide you to the next step. If your retainer isn’t fitting, it could be due to three main reasons.

  1. My retainer doesn’t fit because it’s missing completely. The solution to this problem is a no-brainer – get a new retainer made as soon as possible to avoid further shifting.
  2. My retainer doesn’t fit because it cracked. Cracking can occur if the retainer bends or pulls during cleaning or removal from the mouth. It can also happen if you grind your teeth often at night. According to our experience, you need a new retainer made, as soon as possible.
  3. The reason your retainer doesn’t fit could also be due to distortion. This can happen when a dog/pet thinks they’re a nice chew toy! Another cause is when they melt from high heat (including the temperatures we have here in Katy, Texas).

Whatever the situation may be, we cannot stress enough to call us as soon as possible. Retainers are a part of your orthodontic treatment. We call this phase retention. While we don’t need you to visit our office on a regular basis during retention, this phase of treatment is for life. If you have any concerns with your retainer fitting, we are here to help. 

It is vital to the success of your treatment that you continue wearing your retainer for the rest of your life. Your teeth will remain straight, as long as you wear your retainer consistently. If you find yourself in a situation where your retainer doesn’t fit, give us a call at  (281) 392-0888!

Even if you were not treated at our office, we’re happy to answer questions for you. We are also able to scan your teeth for a new orthodontic retainer. We look forward to meeting you!

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POV: Amy loves her job!! 💙 We know working in the mouth isn’t for everyone.

Here at KCC Orthodontics, we are specific in choosing our clinical team and hiring team members who
🔹 are skilled in Clinical Assisting
🔹 LOVE what they do

Amy has been working on our Katy, TX orthodontic clinical team for 12 years! ✨🤩

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Morning routine: Ortho Style 🦷

Come Along with Jeysse, one of our clinical assistants, as she gets our orthodontic office ready for today’s patients.😁

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At KCC Orthodontics, we offer complimentary consultations to all new patients. 😃

At that initial visit, you can expect to meet with one of our Treatment Coordinators, like Nessa (pictured).

Our doctor, Dr. Gutierrez (aka Dr. G) will evaluate you and determine your unique and individualized treatment plan.

You will have time to ask questions, find out estimated investment cost, and learn more about your specific treatment needs. 🫡💙

Often, we are able to get you started on your treatment the same day, also - if desired! ✨

To request a free consultation, please fill out the form on our website, 🔗kccortho.com.

📞 You May also call us at (281) 392-0888 to schedule directly. Our hours of operation are:

Monday | 9-5
Tuesday | 9-5
Wednesday | 7:30/9-5
Thursday | 7:30/9-5
Friday | 9-2

If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to message us right here on the app also!

We look forward to meeting you! 🤝

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Katy Market Day is this weekend! Saturday, May 20th.

This FREE event will be held outdoors and is open to the public. Join other members of the Katy community in supporting local industries in arts, crafts and cottages.

There will be food trucks available and live entertainment. This is a great event for families, friends, or coworkers!

🔗 [https://katymarketday.com/](https://katymarketday.com/ “‌”)

\#supportlocalkaty #katymarketday

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It is Nessa’s B I R T H D A Y !! 🎈 🎂

Nessa has been working with Dr. G since 1986. She is one of our treatment coordinators and manages our team. A fun fact about Nessa is that in high school, she raced motocross, played volleyball, basketball, and softball, pole vaulted for the track team and was a cheerleader! 😳🤩 GO NESSA!

Please join us in celebrating Nessa today!! We love you, Nessa!

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Happy Mother’s Day, Mommas! We love you!

Those expecting, those grieving, those rejoicing, those empty nesters, those in the thick of it, those standing in the gap — today celebrates you! ♥

May you experience the joy of the Lord today as we celebrate you, mom!

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This Katy ClearChoice Ortho team loves learning and growing together! 💙❤️‍🩹 We intentionally set time for

🔹team building
🔹personal development

so that we can serve you better!

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With the storm ☔️🌩 last night we haven’t had power this morning and we are still managing to see most of our patients!! 😎 Makin’ it happen!

How are you doing in this storm? Do you have power?!

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We have a new check-in iPad! 🌟 We’re excited about this new feature because it will help streamline our front desk flow.

If we are helping other patients, the iPad is going to help get you checked in for your appointment sooner. 💯

❣️ If it is your first time in our office, please don’t feel obligated to use the iPad to check-in. Our front desk team wants to meet you too!

Comment on this post, have you checked in with the iPad yet?

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All the students and teachers in state testing and finals have our schedule a bit slow, so here we are… Making videos to entertain you guys when y’all are done! 😋😂😂
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“Quick, let’s take a pic for social media!” .. hey KCC fam! We are ready to rock and roll this week. Share with us in the comments what you’re most lookin' forward to in your week ahead! ...

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