Invisalign Before & After

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Overly Crowded

Patient’s chief concern:  This female patient was embarrassed that her teeth were very crowded and that her centrals stuck out. Her Invisalign case lasted approximately a year and a half.

B&A Wisniewski - Crowded


Patient’s chief concern:  This female teen patient loved to smile, but was concerned with the appearance of her teeth. She was informed that brushing and chewing would also be easier after orthodontic treatment. When she found out she was a candidate for Invisalign, she was immediately on board! This patient was treated with Invisalign over the course of approximately 18 months.

B&A Benton - Crossbite

Gapped Teeth

Patient’s chief concern: This female patient was concerned that her teeth were abnormally spaced and very far apart. Her dentist told her that, while this might just seem unattractive, spacing issues in teeth can also cause some periodontal diseases. Her Invisalign treatment lasted approximately 2 years.

B&A Pegram - Spaces

Overbite/ Deep Bite

Patient’s chief concern:  This male patient was concerned that his upper teeth overlapped his lower teeth too much. Not only is this a cosmetic issue, but it can lead to health problems with the teeth and gums later in life, so he was anxious to get it fixed. He was treated with Invisalign in approximately 22 months.

B&A WInders - Deep Bite