The KCC Experience

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It doesn’t take a stranger long to recognize that the KCC experience is all about having FUN! We’re not out of touch with the fact that orthodontics is not everyone’s favorite thing. Our mission at KCC Orthodontics is to provide an extraordinary experience for our patients, their families, and the community. This is what your experience will consist of when visiting our Katy, Texas orthodontic office.

1. We value growing as a team!

The KCC experience begins with our team. We have regular weekly and monthly meetings so we can grow and learn together. Our team also reads personal development books together. We express gratitude as a team and work together.

kcc experience personal development

Additionally, our team values you and your time. You can expect our ClearChoice Orthodontics team to be on-time.

dr. g ready to see patients

Tracking our efficiency is important to us. We want to continue to be honest with you about appointment length and honor your schedule as much as we can.

orthodontic photos

2. We call our patients family.

At KCC Orthodontics, you’re not just a patient to us. You’re family! We want your KCC experience to be a comfortable one. We strive to make each patient feel like family. Every patient gets a KCC t-shirt; your choice of black or gray!

kcc orthodontics tshirts

We also have a photo station available for photos throughout your orthodontic treatment!

done with orthodontic treatment   kcc photo station

finally a new smile   photo frame at katy, tx orthodontics office

3. We support local schools and are active in the community.

One of our favorite events every year is the Partners in Education event hosted by Katy ISD. We love giving back by supporting the school’s faculty and students in Katy, Sealy, and the surrounding Houston community!

Partners In Education Event    back-to-school 

It’s also a priority to our team to thank our referring dentists. Having relationships with them is important to us. We want to extend your extraordinary experience to your general dentist also. We know the health of your teeth is for life!

whats poppin popcorn

4. We always have a contest going and love giving out prizes!

The part of the KCC experience that’s the most FUN is all our contests and prizes. Some of them are items, like a TV! Sometimes we give out gift cards. And for our VIP winners, the prize is an experience, like a CiCi’s Pizza party for you and 10 friends!!

insignia tv contest winner  Katy High School Cheerleaders at Cici's Pizza Katy Texas

We can guarantee that at every appointment, you will have the opportunity to enter into a contest!

Katy ClearChoice Orthodontics front desk

Additionally, we give away fun gift cards and items on Facebook and Instagram too. Those are eligible for anyone in our community!

We hope your KCC experience is extraordinary! It’s our mission. To experience our office for the first time, please fill out a consultation request. Someone from our team will contact you soon to schedule. We look forward to meeting you!

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Wow, Donna! You are so sweet. Thank you for sharing these kind words with us. We appreciate you! 🫶 To share your own experience with us, please visit ...

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Elliot, we appreciate you sharing your experience with us! 💙 ...

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Christmas is in full swing around KCC Orthodontics. Have your Christmas parties started yet?! ...

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You’re never too old to achieve your dream smile! 😁 Invisalign and braces are for everyone!! 💙

At KCC Orthodontics, we have no age limit on who we treat. Evaluations start by age 7 and we’ve had patients in the wiser years of the 80’s.

To request your free consultation, visit our website 🔗

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What a blessing it is to work with your friends. 💙 Our team loves spending time with each other in and outside of the office!

Vicky and Nessa have served together in the school district, at church, and get the pleasure of working together! If you ever see them out in the community, feel free to say “hi!”. 👋

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Kimberly, thank you for leaving us a review! ...

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POV: when that song from the movie gets stuck in your head

We play movies for our patients at KCC Orthodontics. Sometimes the theme songs get stuck in our head! 😬

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Nelly, this feedback is so encouraging! Our mission at KCC Orthodontics is to provide an extraordinary experience for our patients, their families, and the community. 💙 ...

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We love being a part of the Katy, Texas community! Serving our patients and bringing more SMILES to this world gives us so much joy! We are grateful!! 💙 ...

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