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How long do I wear my orthodontic retainers after treatment?

We often get asked this question by our patients. At the end of your treatment, we will give you a set of clear, removable retainers. Think of retainers as part of your orthodontic treatment, not something separate.

Orthodontic retainers retain teeth. They keep your teeth where they are when you complete braces or Invisalign. To maintain your new smile, you will wear retainers for life! Back in the day, there was an idea that once teeth moved, they would stay in place. This proves to be false!

Your teeth have ligaments, which have memory. This means that over time, your teeth will move back to where they were. Don’t let shifting happen to you!

We have retreated many patients because they did not wear their orthodontic retainers. While we love seeing you, we don’t want this for you either! Every treatment plan at Katy ClearChoice Orthodontics includes retainer check appointments.

Retainer check appointments give us an opportunity to check your retainer. We will talk to you about how it is feeling in your mouth. Additionally, we will make sure it isn’t broken and assess how often to wear it throughout the day.

Dr. Gutierrez has his patients wear retainers full-time after ending braces or Invisalign. After about 6 months of wearing your retainers full time, you will probably be ready for night-time only wear. Dr. Gutierrez determines this. If you are unsure about your own treatment, please call us at (281) 392-0888 for confirmation. If you are not a patient at our office, please ask your orthodontist for their recommendation.

There are other retainer options available and offered in our office. However, they are not always recommended. We are happy to discuss with Dr. Gutierrez what is best for your specific treatment plan! To address questions about these options, please call us to schedule an appointment.

Replacement orthodontic retainers are also available! If you lose or break your retainers, you have options. The first, and recommended, is to call us as soon as possible to order a replacement retainer. The second is to wait and risk your teeth shifting.

At our Katy, Texas orthodontic office, we would then schedule an appointment. We will determine whether you will retreat or buy new retainers to keep your teeth where they’re at.

All KCC Orthodontics retainers are digitally scanned using the latest technology. We are equipped with an iTero scanner. We use this scanner to scan your teeth and order your retainers from a lab. These retainers are 3D printed with clear plastic. They are comfortable and fit within your lifestyle!

For more questions about retainers, please reference our other resources. See other blogs, view our retainer information, or contact us Monday through Friday.

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Hey there! 👋 Meet our Treatment Coordinators, Nessa, Amy, and Kristy!

As a Treatment Coordinator or TC, these ladies' role is to meet with each one of our new patients!

You can expect them to listen to your needs and desires and then relay them to Dr. Gutierrez.

They’ll gather notes from Dr. G as he determines the correct treatment plan. 📝 Then explain all the ortho terms to you in a way you can better understand!

Our Treatment Coordinators will put together estimated fees based on your unique treatment plan and go over them with you.

Before ending your appointment, you’ll have time to ask questions or express any additional concerns.

At that time you can go ahead and schedule 🗓 if you’re ready to do so!

All of our consultations are complimentary (free of charge!). We can’t wait to meet you!

To schedule a consultation, fill out the request form on our website, kccortho.com (🔗link in bio!). Feel free to also contact us via phone! 📞 281-392-0888.

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Our team is often greeted each morning by Dr. G, asking how we are doing, about our weekend or events in our lives. There is no doubt that we are a TEAM here at KCC Orthodontics. 🫶 ...

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We recently hosted a Katy, Texas Trivia contest in our office. Jess & Jeysse had a blast going around town, taking photos of our beloved Katy town.

They captured this photo at Katy Heritage Park.

If you are curious about the answers to our Katy Trivia contest, here they are! ⬇️
🔹The MKT Train, “The Katy”, last operated in 1988
🔹There are 6 water towers in the City of Katy
🔹The Katy, Texas Buc-ee’s carwash is 255 ft long
🔹LaCenterra is 16 years old
🔹Katy ClearChoice Orthodontics was born in 1999
🔹The Katy American Little League baseball fields are at Katy Park
🔹The Katy Dog Park is located on Franz Rd
🔹Katy Mills Mall opened in 1999
🔹Katy City Hall is located on Avenue C
🔹Mary Jo Peckham Park covers 32 acres

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Making smiles happen is our goal and we know that comes by more than just straightening teeth. 💙 We hope when you visit KCC Orthodontics, you experience FUN and laughter. We hope you find that your appointments are streamlined and there is a sense of peace when you step into our office.

To schedule your next appointment, please call our office (281) 392-0888. We look forward to seeing you!

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Hello! My name is Dr. Jorge Gutierrez. I have the pleasure of being the primary doctor at KCC Orthodontics. It is an honor getting to serve Houston, Katy, and the surrounding communities!

I hope to bring smiles to the people of our community and be a light to their lives. It's about more than straightening teeth for me.

If we’ve met, thank you for your trust in us! If we haven’t, I hope that we get to meet soon. To request a free consultation, please message us or call us at (281) 392-0888 so our team can assist you in scheduling.

Have a blessed day & KEEP SMILING! 😃

-Dr. G

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It’s worth watching until the end… We hope this makes you laugh as much as we did!!

Keep smiling KCC fam!!💙
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The school dance teams have nothing on KCC Ortho’s dance team. 😜😂💃
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Whether you’re a patient of ours or simply enjoy following us on social (maybe a future patient 😉), we hope you always remember to SMILE.

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This magical wand has advanced our office quite a bit and we LOVE it! All retainers are now digitally scanned. 🔹 Additionally, we use this iTero scanner to scan our patients for their Invisalign and LightForce treatment.

Both of these treatments are designed specifically and uniquely for YOU!

Call us and let’s chat about how our digital scanner can benefit your orthodontic treatment! (281) 392-0888

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Sierra, it was a pleasure treating you! Thank you for trusting us and for committing to us throughout your treatment. 😃 We appreciate you!

To read more of our testimonials, please visit our website 🔗https://kccortho.com/reviews/ 🔹You may also share your own experience here too!

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Kevin, thank you for sharing this testimonial! We are honored to hear about your experience. 💙 ...

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We may be biased about being the best but…

Our many wonderful patients here at KCC Ortho would agree! See what they said ➡️ 🔗kccortho.com/reviews


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Have a blessed weekend, KCC Fam! 🤩 - from Sara and Annie ...

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