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Office experience matters. KCC Orthodontics understands that. It is no secret that at KCC Orthodontics, we like to have fun! It starts with the consultation appointment. Continues to the initial start appointment. Then, throughout your treatment and when you graduate from ortho treatment. We celebrate all our patients with gifts and prizes!!

Here are 6 fun things you can expect to happen when you visit our KCC Orthodontic office.

  1. Every patient that comes in for a consultation receives a special take-home gift. This is our way of saying, thank you for coming in today!
  2. When you start treatment, you’ll get to spin our wheel for a gift card prize. Our patients have enjoyed winning Whataburger, Walmart, and Amazon gift cards!
  3. At every appointment, you’ll receive tickets based on how various parameters. You can win more tickets by taking care of your braces at home and having clean teeth. Some other ways are to show us a report card with good grades and show up on time for your appointment! These tickets go into a monthly drawing for…you guessed it…another gift card! Chick-Fil-A & Starbucks are our most popular choices.
  4. Throughout the seasons, we’ll also have contests!! Every patient is welcome to enter these contests at every appointment. In the past, these contest prizes have been anything from AirPods to a Typhoon Texas Season Pass.
  5. At the end of treatment, when you “graduate”, we celebrate with What’s Poppin Popcorn and candy! YES! We get to spoil you with all those yummy treats you may not have had during your ortho treatment.
  6. The fun doesn’t just happen inside the walls of KCC Orthodontics. We are having fun on social media too! Check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There are often giveaway’s happening on some of those platforms. And these are open to everyone, not only patients!! We look forward to connecting with you.
fun office experience

By the way adults, these games, contests, and prizes are for all patients, young or old. So mom and dad this is your sign! Come on in and take care of yourself too. Have some fun and feel that childlike joy during your Katy ClearChoice office experience.

We offer complimentary consultations every week, Monday through Thursday. Fill out the consultation request and our team member will contact you to schedule! For any questions, reach us at 281-392-0888.

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Is your child headed back to school soon? Are you worried about their orthodontic care during school hours?

Your favorite Katy, TX orthodontics office is bringing you all the back-to-school tips for orthodontics! Check them out on our blog. 🔗

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Your treatment starts here ➡️ at the front desk. Typically you'll be greeted by Annie!

Our front desk 'receptionists' are more than just receptionists though. The longer you get to know us, the more you'll realize that these ladies handle much more than simply managing our schedule.

Much of the behind-the-scenes work happens right here, in between checking you in and out of your orthodontic appointment.

Should you ever have any questions about scheduling or your appointment, feel free to ask us at the front desk! If we don't know the answer to your question, we'll know who to ask. 😄

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HEY KCC FAM! Enjoy your last weekend of summer break!! 🦩 ...

(unless of course you already started back at school, then enjoy one more weekend before school fully kicks off. 😉)

We'll see y'all next week!

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YOU are doing a great job!! In case you needed the reminder today, here it is. You're doing great! You've accomplished more than you think and you should be proud of YOU!

👏👏 Celebrate yourself today. We are!

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Welcome to KCC!

🔹Where we are an on-time office.
🔹We value a relationship with you.
🔹Dr. G treats every case individually.
🔹& we have lots of FUN!

We look forward to seeing you soon. 💙 If you already know the KCC fam, share with us in the comments your favorite thing about KCC!

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Word of mouth referrals mean the world to us!!What a compliment it is to hear that you’re referring us to your friends and family.

✨p.s. don’t forget to ask about our referral program next time you’re in!

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"A smile is a curve that sets everything straight." - Phyllis Diller

With the school year approaching and summer ending, this is your reminder to enjoy each day with intention! Laugh, play, and make the most of each day.

Our schedule still has open spots to get your orthodontics started before school starts! Call us today for your free consultation. 📱281-392-0888

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Thank you, Ashley! Our team loved hearing about your experience. 😃 ...

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What do you do when you want to take a photo outside, but it's also bright and sunny? SUNNIES!!

Which style of these sunglasses is your favorite?

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Thank you, Adna!! We are so thankful to hear about your experience at our office.

Invisalign was a great option. You're smile is beautiful! 🙂

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Hey KCC fam! Hope you had a great weekend. We can't wait to see your smiles this week. Drop a 😄 in the comments if you're coming in for an appointment! ...

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Shoutout to Batista! He takes care of all our building needs. We are thankful for his hard work in keeping the building working properly. Batista helps us when we need adjusting to our AC, repairs, and any mechanical needs.

Thank you Pin Oak Atrium for your service to your tenants. We are thankful to have Batista around!

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We’re giving away 4 Cinemark movie tickets 🎥🎟 to 1 lucky winner!!

1. Tell us your favorite movie of all time in the comments
2. Tag a friend who you’d like to take to the movies

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Giveaway ends Saturday, July 23 @ 11:59pm
✨Winner will be announced no later than July 25.

This giveaway is crossposted. It is not affiliated with Cinemark, Instagram or Facebook. We will never ask you to enter a credit card or personal information. For questions, please contact Katy ClearChoice Orthodontics.

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When Dr G says “You’re done with Ortho treatment!” 🤩😁🥳 ...

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Not brushing vs. Brushing teeth everyday at least 2x a day 🦷 ...

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Guess who's birthday it is?! If you know this beautiful gal's name, tell us in the comments!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ____________________!!

We'll give you some hints: 😉
1. Her name starts with the letter "A"
2. She has worked for KCC for 11 years
3. Her name ends with "my"

Can you guess it?!

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