Braces-Friendly Easter Basket

Braces-Friendly Easter Basket

Easter is almost here! The stores are stocking up with Easter basket candy and we want to make sure you and your child are set up for success. We are here to help you protect the investment in your child’s oral health as well as enjoy all the fun traditions!

Braces-Friendly Easter Basket Options


Plain chocolate, without sticky fillings or hard nuts, is a compatible choice when it comes to braces. So, that yummy chocolate easter bunny? YUP! Chow down. Other chocolate options that would be suitable include Ghirardelli chocolate bars, Reese’s cups, M&M’s, or Andes Mint Chocolates.

Remind your child of the importance of brushing their teeth afterward. We want them to keep their orthodontic progress on track!


Fruit may not be your traditional Easter egg filling, but it’s a great option when it comes to braces! You could add softer fruits like oranges, berries, or bananas to their basket. On the plus side, the fruit will be a beautiful addition to their Easter basket!

Bakery Treats

Yes, we mean cookies, muffins, cupcakes, and brownies! Bakery treats are delicious. Additionally, baking can be a tradition you start together this Easter holiday. Remember, as with chocolate, to avoid using any nuts or sticky caramel in your baked goods. These can be damaging to your child’s brackets. As an added bonus, baking from home means you can reduce the sugar or bake a completely sugar-free option as well!

Easter Basket Items to Avoid with Braces

Jelly Beans and Peeps

Ah, we know! Jelly beans and marshmallow bunnies are classic easter basket items. Unfortunately, these sticky candies can cause harm. The stickiness can pull your brackets off your teeth and will require a lot of extra cleaning. Both of these are very high in sugar which increases plaque buildup and can be poor for your oral health.

Cadbury Creme Eggs

While these consist of chocolate, any coated candy will not be a good option this Easter. We know they taste delicious, but they are not braces-friendly! The crunch of the outer shell can bend your wire or break brackets.


Last, but not least, we recommend not adding gum to your child’s easter basket. Gum can also alter your child’s orthodontic braces. It is best to skip on these options until your child has graduated from orthodontic treatment.

Alternative Options

Any non-food or candy items would be a great alternative for your child’s Easter basket! For your teenager: a gift card, movie tickets, art supplies, or electronic chargers. For your younger child: water guns, chalk, kites, or bubbles.

Easter can be exciting and enjoyable even without food or candy. You could spend Easter doing a memorable activity together as a family. Some of our favorites are dying Easter eggs, picnics, and outdoor nature walks.

KCC Orthodontics hopes that your Easter is a beautiful time spent together as a family. We are praying it is also a memorable one.

He is Risen!

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🌟 Enhancing the patient's experience is always a top priority for us at KCC Orthodontics.

Our clinical area is equipped with televisions in each clinical room. Movies play all day so that you have something to focus on at your appointment. We know coming for orthodontic appointments isn't everyone's favorite thing! 😉

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DID YOU KNOW!? We accept most insurances 🌟 PPO & DMO plans!

In order to fulfill our mission of providing an extraordinary experience, we accept and file your insurance for you. Annie serves as our in-house Insurance Coordinator.

Helping you get your insurance benefit is a priority for us. Things to note about orthodontic insurance:

🔹 Orthodontics is covered under your DENTAL insurance.
🔹 Orthodontic insurance benefit is covered over the course of treatment.
🔹 Each insurance company and plan pay frequencies differ.

For questions about your insurance, give us a call! (281) 392-0888

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"He is not here; he has risen!" Luke 24:6-7

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Our KCC Orthodontics team is honoring Good Friday today. We are closed and will reopen next week after Easter.

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