How to Solve Braces Problems at Home

It’s a week after your latest orthodontic appointment for your braces. Everything is going well until a minor problem becomes a major discomfort in your mouth. KCC Orthodontics loves patient visits, but we understand that dropping by before your next braces appointment could be an inconvenience to your schedule. Instead of having to make multiple office visits, there are some solutions KCC Orthodontics can help you with at home. If you are experiencing any of the following issues, you could avoid the extra emergency appointment by utilizing our tips. Try out these solutions to save you time and energy between KCC Orthodontic appointments.

  • General Soreness – Braces care comes with mild discomfort, especially when a wire is changed or new brackets are placed on teeth. Typically, over-the-counter pain medications such as acetaminophen will temporarily relieve the discomfort. If the cheeks or gums are especially uncomfortable, rinse with warm salt water and use your wax.
  • Loose Bracket – Occasionally, a bracket can become loose. Many times this occurrence is a result of eating crunchy or chewy foods that should be avoided by braces wearers. If the bracket is still on the wire, it’s typically okay to leave it as is until your next appointment, but call KCC Orthodontics to confirm. If the broken bracket is causing soreness, place wax over the bracket so that it won’t rub against the cheeks or gums.
  • Poking Wire – Occasionally as the teeth shift, the wire can shift and be felt at the back of the mouth. Wax is a great solution to cover the wire and pad it against your skin. If you’ve run out of wax, a small section of cotton from a cotton ball will also protect your skin.
  • Loose Wire – Certain wires can slip out of the back of the brackets and become free inside your mouth. Usually, it’s possible to replace the wire yourself. Use a Q-tip, sterile tweezers, or soft eraser to guide the wire back into place. However, don’t force the wire back in if you’re having trouble putting it back in place. If necessary, a section of the wire can be cut off with clippers and wax can be applied to prevent poking.

Before you make the extra trip to the orthodontist, take stock of the problem. Most issues can be solved or temporarily relieved at home. Of course, there are certain issues that are best left up to us to fix. Always call KCC Orthodontics if you have questions on whether or not you need to come back in to see us. More often than not, common braces problems only require minor solutions that you can do yourself.

Photo: Anna Avilova from Pexels

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