Get To Know Us: Sara

Get To Know Us: Sara

Sara is one of Katy ClearChoice Orthodontic’s original team members. She has been with the KCC team since 2007 and currently serves as our lead Clinical Assistant. Sara resides in Houston, Texas. It is a blessing that she’s willing to drive into Katy every week!

Sara’s position helps keep our appointments moving forward. You can expect our team to continue running as an on-time office. You can trust that Sara will take good care of you during your treatment.

This makes Sara a valuable asset to our team. She is also phenomenal with our special needs patients. She is very patient with those who need extra care and attention. We are so thankful to have Sara on our team!

In Sara’s spare time, she enjoys floating in the water & soaking up the sun at her family’s bay house. Additionally, you can find her taking weekend trips to casino resorts for gambling. Of course, she’ll also spend a good amount of time poolside!

On extended time away from work, Sara will most likely be on a cruise with friends or family. Her most recent vacation was a quick trip to Hawaii, where she both relaxed and adventured. Her most memorable adventure was parasailing! From there, she and her mom boarded a cruise to Vancouver! She’d be more than happy to share her cruise experiences if you have any questions.

lead clinical assistant sara parasailing

A fun fact about Sara is that she is our fastest iTero…. (lol we made up a word). Our team loves a little friendly competition of seeing who can scan the fastest. While it’s a close call, Sara still holds the title! We use our iTero scanner for scanning new Invisalign cases. Most recently, we have also made the switch to using the iTero scanner for most of our retainers. Sara’s natural ability to scan efficiently has helped her teach our team well!

We hope by sharing more about our team, you will feel you get to know us better. If you are a new patient coming to KCC, you may not meet Sara at your initial appointment. However, if you’d like to, just let our team know and she can come by and say “Hi”! You may schedule a free initial consultation by filling out the form on our homepage or calling us at 281-392-0888.

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Thank you, Susan! We value being an on-time office. We're so glad this has been your experience! 💙 ...

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➡️ When you first check in for your appointment, you'll likely meet Annie (pictured front).

➡️Moving behind her, you'll meet Carmen. She handles all of your initial records!

➡️ You'll then meet one of our treatment coordinators, Nessa or Amy!

➡️Between your consultation appointment and your regular appointments, you'll meet Dr. Gutierrez (Dr. G for short!).

➡️ Our clinical team consists of Carmen (who you already met), Jeysse, Amy S, Sara, and Natalee!

➡️Lastly, when you check out, if you don't see Annie (who you already met), you'll likely get to meet Jessica (pictured back right).

💬 Share with us! Who have you yet to meet?

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Our Katy ClearChoice Office is ready to see you! We are located at 1260 Pin Oak Rd. Suite 208 Katy, TX 77494.

Our team sees patients Monday through Thursday and Fridays are our administrative day. Our office hours are as follows:

Mondays: 9am - 5pm
Tuesdays: 9am - 5pm
Wednesdays: 7:30 or 9am - 5pm
Thursdays: 7:30 or 9am - 5pm
Fridays: 9am - 2pm

We hope that you'll come to see us soon. We are currently accepting new patients and would love to meet you! Fill out a free consultation request form on our website, OR call us! (281) 392-0888

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It’s just an Ortho office?

We love getting to know our patients and providing an extraordinary experience!

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🔹 This KCC Orthodontics team is here to serve you! 🔹

• Dr. Gutierrez (Dr. G) is our primary doctor here at Katy ClearChoice Orthodontics.
• Sara has been working with Dr. G since before opening the Katy, Texas orthodontic practice.
• Amy has been on our team for over 11 years!
• Natalee joined our team last year and caught on right away!
• Carmen has been on our team for going on 4 years!

🔹 We are so thankful for this team. We look forward to continue serving you throughout 2023. Thank you for trusting us! 🔹

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Contests are so fun! That’s why we host them on a regular basis for our patients. Your orthodontic experience shouldn’t ever be boring!!

Congrats Victor, Kennedy, & Sarah on winning our latest contest. 🥳🌟

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