Dr. Gutierrez Fun Facts

Dr. Gutierrez

Seeing Dr. Gutierrez at each of your appointments is important to us. So, we thought it may be fun to get to know him a little better!

Here are 10 fun facts about Dr. G.
  1. Dr. G can slalom water ski

He loves going to the lake with his family and friends.

  1. Dr. G is an avid triathlete and IRONMAN

Dr. G has completed over 75 triathlons. These include a couple IRONMAN triathlons. An IRONMAN race starts with a 2.3 mile swim, followed by a 112 mile bicycle ride, and ends with a marathon (26.22 mile run). The last IRONMAN Dr. G raced in qualified him for the World Competition next May!

  1. Dr. G was born in Havana, Cuba

In case you were wondering where the name ‘Gutierrez’ originates, now you know! It’s Cuba!

  1. Dr. G has lived in many countries & states

Dr. Gutierrez has resided in Cuba, Spain, and the United States! Since being in the US, he has lived in Illinois, Colorado, and Texas.

  1. Dr. G loves using memojis

Yup, we said that right, memojies. Me + Emoji = Memoji – an emoji of himself! Shhh… This fun fact is a revealed secret! Dr. G only uses memojis with his kiddos.

  1. Dr. G enjoys snow skiing and is good at it too!

Is this fun fact surprising at all?! Dr. Gutierrez has been snow skiing for years. Some of his favorite places to snow ski include Red River, New Mexico and Montana. 

  1. Dr. G graduated from the University of Texas at Austin

HOOK ‘EM HORNS! Psst.. if you’re a longhorn too, you should tell Dr. G. He’ll be glad to meet a fellow Texas Exes.

  1. Dr. G has done extensive research on the Ketogenic diet

If you spend time around Dr. G (outside of orthodontics), you’ll likely be conversing about a low-carb, low sugar lifestyle. It has transformed the way he trains and through this process, Dr. G has learned a lot about health!

  1. Dr. G wears funny socks

Dr. Gutierrez has a collection of goofy socks. They make life fun! Don’t be surprised on our theme days if you see him matching socks to the theme!

  1. Dr. G is a grandfather

That’s right! Dr. G has 2, going on 4 grandchildren. They call him ‘Papi’!

We hope that these 10 fun facts help you get to know Dr. G a little more. We want you to feel comfortable coming into our office.

Schedule a free consultation by filling out a request form! We look forward to meeting you and finding out some of your fun facts too!

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🙋 How do I know if my child needs orthodontic treatment?

Short Answer: You may not be able to tell on your own. Come in and see us for a free consultation!

Long Answer: It is usually difficult for you to determine whether treatment is necessary because many problems can occur even though the front teeth look straight. Also, some problems that look intimidating and complex will resolve on their own.

While your general dentist may be able to provide generic info, we are your best resource! Our initial exam is comprehensive and informative. Dr. Gutierrez will use x-rays and photos to complement his exam. He would be happy to see you and your child for an evaluation and make any recommendations necessary.

🔗 https://kccortho.com/common-questions/

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Happy Thanksgiving from our team to YOU!

Our team is thankful today to be spending time reflecting on the many blessings we have to appreciate. We are grateful for you and pray you are making memories today with friends and family!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving, KCC fam! 🤎

Our office will be closed today and tomorrow. We'll be back in at 9 AM Monday!

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Thank you, Brittci!! 💙 ...

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With Thanksgiving approaching, we wanted to share with you one of our favorite braces-friendly Thanksgiving recipes.

PS this is great for leftovers, too! 😉


(direct link to blog in bio)

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We love having FUN!! Hope you're having a fun weekend too, KCC fam!

See you, Monday!

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Thank you, Benny. 💙 We appreciate you!

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Our treatment coordinators each have their own office, equipped with models, photographs, and a clinical chair so that you can receive the information you need at your initial appointment.

During our consultations, Dr. G will work with the Treatment Coordinator to put together a unique treatment plan. We will inform you of any details you need to know ahead of time and we'll work with you to create a financial plan,.

No commitment is necessary at our consultations. We offer these appointments free of charge to everyone. We want you to first know what you're investing in and experience our office and team for yourself.

Scheduling a free consultation is easy! Fill out the link on our website and our team will call you to schedule a day/time that fits best in your calendar.

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Don't miss out on a chance to win AirPods!!

Our October contest is coming to an end. Tonight, while you're at a local school event, snag a photo with some friends!!

Our KCC classmates enjoyed watching 'our school's football game 😉

Let's get you that BINGO!! For more info, be sure to see our original 'AirPod giveaway' post!

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"Integrity is the glue that holds our way of life together." - Billy Graham

If there are people close in your life acting in a way you don't agree with, don't go along with them. If your gut is saying you're surrounding yourself with the wrong crowd, change who you spend your time with.

If anyone asks you to do something out of line with your morals, values, is illegal or simply irresponsible, RUN away! Get out of that situation!

Be careful: Bad companions can affect good people, even a good person like you.

"Bad company corrupts good character." 1 Corinthians 15:33 NIV

Wisdom for your Monday! 💙 Have a blessed day, KCC fam.

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Did you know it’s Orthodontic Health Month?

Yup, the same month that is dedicated to costumes, candy, and pumpkin. 🎃

This month we strive to educate YOU on orthodontic health.

Orthodontics is the treatment of irregularities in the teeth. Many people believe orthodontics is strictly a cosmetic treatment. This is a myth!

It is important to understand that orthodontics can benefit the longevity of your teeth. Ortho health limits possible future dental work and gives you a beautiful smile.

Orthodontics benefits your physical and dental health.

For more information on ortho health and how you can celebrate this with your family this month, check out our latest blog post! 🔗 LINK IN BIO!

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