Tour of KCC Orthodontics

tour of katy, texas orthodontics

Hello! Welcome to KCC Orthodontics! We’re glad you’re here. We understand the importance of feeling comfortable when choosing an orthodontic provider. To ease some of your uncertainty, we’ve put together a tour of our office for you!


Our location is 1260 Pin Oak Rd. Katy, Texas 77494, in the Pin Oak Atrium building. It’s the black glass building across from CiCi’s & the post office. Our suite number is 208, located on the second floor, across from the elevators.

Katy ClearChoice Orthodontics_Suite 208

We look forward to seeing you! First, greeting you at our front reception area. You will check in and out for your appointments here. Here we also have contests for you and can handle financial or insurance questions.

kcc orthodontics reception
Waiting Room

Our waiting room has power outlets (including USB ports). You’re welcome to use these to charge your phone or handle work while you wait on your child’s appointment. If this is your appointment, you may want to keep those at home – you won’t be in here long! Our office values being an on-time office.

kcc orthodontics waiting room

Throughout your treatment, we’ll need to take updated records. These are your x-rays and photos. These records allows Dr. Gutierrez to provide a better evaluation of your treatment. They are also required for HIPPA regulations.

Don’t worry, these only happen during milestone appointments! (i.e. the beginning and end, and a few progress photos, not at every orthodontic appointment.)

x-rays at kcc orthodontics
Clinical Operatories

Our clinical area is set up with operatories (separated rooms). This is where we will see you for each orthodontic appointment. Dr. Gutierrez (Dr. G) likes to see every patient at every appointment.

sink at kcc orthodontics
Treatment Coordinating Offices

We have three offices where we coordinate treatments. This is where you’ll go on your first initial visit to KCC Orthodontics for your initial evaluation. We also use these office spaces to handle our behind the scenes work. Our mission is to provide an extraordinary experience for you and your family!

treatment coordinator office at kcc orthodontics
Photo Station

Down the hallway, you’ll find our Photo Station! We want you to capture your before and after pictures and everything exciting in between. Feel free to use this space anytime you’d like throughout your orthodontic treatment!

hallway at kcc orthodontics

Thank you for visiting our office tour! We hope this helped provide a better understanding of what to expect at KCC Orthodontics. To schedule a free consultation, please fill out our request form. A member of our team will contact you soon. We look forward to meeting you!

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Retainers are the last step to your orthodontic treatment! Right after we scan, we get to schedule your debond appointment.

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We want you to have an experience like this too! Schedule a free consultation with us. We offer then every week!

📍1260 Pin Oak Rd. Katy, TX 77450
📞 (281) 392-0888

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Please visit our website to request a free consultation.

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📍1260 Pin Oak Rd. Katy, TX 77450
📞 (281) 392-0888

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HELLO! 😁 We are KCC Orthodontics.

📍 Located in Katy, Texas, we serve our city and the surrounding communities. [1260 Pin Oak Rd. #208 Katy, TX 77494]

💙 At our office, we offer braces, Invisalign and clear brackets (LightForce) to children and adults.

We offer free consultations every week & would LOVE to meet you! Please complete the consultation request on our website: 🔗 (also linked in bio) or call us at (281) 392-0888.

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To schedule a free orthodontic consultation, please call us or complete the consult request form on our website!

📍1260 Pin Oak Rd. Katy, TX 77450
📞 (281) 392-0888

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