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At KCC Orthodontics, your beautiful smile begins with a thorough examination and a precise assessment of your oral health. We always take the time to explain your treatment options, answer your questions and make sure you're comfortable with your care. Together, we will discover just how straight and beautiful your smile can be. Schedule your free consultation today by contacting our office at

New Patient Paperwork

Already scheduled an appointment? To save you time when you arrive at our office, please fill out your paperwork by using our secure form below. We take your privacy seriously. By clicking the link below, your patient form will open in a new window that is securely transmitted to our office. Please see our Privacy Practices for further information.



We realize that afternoon appointments are preferred due to school and/or work – however we are unable to see all of our patients at this time. In order to serve our patients in the most efficient way possible, lengthy procedures such as bonding and removal of appliances are scheduled in the morning; and shorter appointments such as active adjustments and retainer checks are scheduled in the afternoon.


We are pleased to have been chosen as preferred providers by almost every insurance carrier. We know that this will give you peace of mind that we deliver quality care. We also want to reassure our patients who do not have insurance that we make every effort to keep our fees affordable so that patients do not feel that they NEED insurance to be able to afford our quality care. If your employer provides benefits at work, we offer a free review and research of your exact coverage with no obligation on your part. Most plans are set up to pay a portion of your total fee. Once you become a patient, we do all of the paper work and insurance billing for you and accept payments directly from the insurance. Insurance companies have specific ways that they choose to pay for the care, and it is never in one full payment. Because they choose to make many small payments over many months, most patients appreciate us for handling these matters for them. If you do not see us listed as a provider on your insurance policy please contact us. We will be able to determine if we can use your dental plan, more than likely we are on your plan.

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